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Wedding Video Production: If a photograph is supposed to say a thousand words, then a professionally produced video should speak volumes. At Choice Video Productions, every wedding video we produce reflects our quality, service, and passion for capturing your very special day on video. Weddings can be some of the most difficult projects to shoot due to the dramatically changing dynamics of subject, composition, and lighting. Capturing all of these dynamics will speak volumes for years to come. Having Choice Video Productions capture your wedding on video will make your perfect wedding a masterpiece.

About Choice Video Productions Background

I believe that solid fundamentals and excellent production equipment lie at the core of every video production. I remember our video experience dates back to the days of actual “Super8” film being developed and processed many years ago. After film evolved into analog video tape I then remember when consumer video cameras began to be affordable. It was this moment that I started filming events for friends and relatives.

As that time has now come and gone, our humble beginnings in analog video drastically transformed after the introduction of digital video cameras. Being a video production company dedicated to weddings and special events, Choice Video Productions was on the forefront of this new digital technology, offering high-quality digital video production to clients since 1998.

As technology continues to evolve we have since offered our clients broadcast quality video productions services, investing in video cameras such as the type operated by major network news crews. We have prided ourselves in being one of the only companies in the Central Valley operating broadcast quality cameras for special event service and corporate video production.

In the past years I have always strived to combine my experience as a free-lance production specialist and my time as a digital content producer at both the University of California Berkeley, and Yale University (New Haven, CT) into evolving the quality and techniques I bring to special events production. Operating in the realms of both production and post-production, I have operated broadcast cameras for live events and studio cameras in a full-service broadcast facility. In addition I have worked as a technical-facilitator for special events featuring presidents, world-renowned artists, diplomats, and academic thinkers. It is this world class experience and technical knowledge that I apply to every client’s video production.

Our Wedding Video Production Style

We specialize in documentary style videography. Often, shots that are posed or orchestrated make a video seem awkward. Capturing the moment as it unfolds makes for some of the best video that accurately reflects your wedding day. Shooting this type of video takes many years of patience and skill, waiting and watching for events to happen. At Choice Video Production we pride ourselves in making a custom video that our clients can uniquely call their own.

Our Equipment

We feature the exclusive use of Sony industrial broadcast camcorders. Our newest digital 3-chip broadcast camera (equivalent to Channel 30, 47, etc.) rivals our competition by many times over. By using this type of equipment, we are able to capture your images in a stunning 850 lines of resolution rather than the standard 500 lines of resolution offered by the majority of other video production services. As always we use Sony professional diversity wireless microphones to capture your wedding vows with crystal clear clarity. Also featured in our arsenal of equipment is the use of various soft lights, camera mounted lights, and tripod systems.


The other important element of video production is the editing process. By keeping or video digital throughout editing, we offer pristine quality by using the latest computer editing workstations powered by Apple’s Final Cut Studio and Adobe’s Creative Suite 2. Our computer will give you all the wipes, 3D transitions, and multi-layer composition that you would find in many commercial productions.

Wedding Video Production Services

We offer the following services:

  • The absolute best equipment specialized for wedding video production
  • Personalized video production, you make your video the way you like it
  • Love story production
  • DVD creation and authoring
  • DVD Duplication

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